Summer Programs at 澳门官方老葡京 provide experiences that enable young minds to make meaningful connections through collaboration, 友谊, and community through a variety of daytime offerings. Campers will cultivate creative thinking and problem-solving skills as they engage in real-world, project-based learning packed full of summer FUN! 

男女同校夏令营 for girls and boys ages 3 to 9 offer a summer of fun and learning for all. Half-day and full-day camp sessions and before- and after-care are available!
Changemakers实验室 is an immersive summer program for girls entering grades 5–10 to collaborate on interdisciplinary real-world projects.
澳门新葡新京官方体育营 provide young athletes with opportunities to develop their athletic potential through a variety of sport-specific programs.


(年龄3 - 9)
6月10 - 14
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6月24 - 28
超级侦探 野生动物保护探险家 足球训练营
7月1 - 3
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7月8 - 12
7月15 - 19
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Interested in registering for 男女同校夏令营 or Changemakers实验室?



  • 付款、退款和取消政策

    • Full payment for all summer programs is due upon 登记. 
    • 夏令营第一天结束后, 恕不退款 除非澳门官方老葡京取消了夏令营.
    • Cancellation requests are eligible for a refund minus 20% up until May 13, 2024. 取消申请从5月14日开始, 2024, until two weeks prior to the start of the camp session are eligible for a refund minus 50%. No refunds will be given for cancellation requests received within two weeks of the start of the camp session.
    • All summer camp offerings in 2024 are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment. In the event of a cancellation due to low enrollment, 澳门官方老葡京 will notify registered families in advance and refund the entire program fee.
  • 缺勤和日程变更

    To maintain proper records and ensure the safety of our campers and staff, please email 如果你的孩子缺席,请通知我们. There are no credits or refunds due to illness or absence, including possible COVID-19 exposures.
  • 疾病和传染病议定书

    在澳门官方老葡京, the health and safety of our campers and summer program staff is our highest priority. To ensure the safety of everyone involved in our summer programs, all programs will follow Ellis’ health protocols.
  • 如果夏令营取消

    如果一个程序已经开始并且正在进行中(i.e. 但必须取消, all registered families will receive a prorated refund for the days we cannot operate on campus.

    如果一个程序在开始之前被取消, a full refund will be issued to all families registered for that program. 


  • 营员行为政策

    Summer Programs at 澳门官方老葡京 strive to empower and inspire all students through learning and having fun in a structured and safe environment.
    Behaviors that are not tolerated at 澳门官方老葡京:
    • 殴打、推搡、推搡或身体暴力
    • 言语辱骂、攻击性语言或欺凌
    • 说谎或操纵事实
    • 未经许可偷窃或拿取物品
    • 破坏财产
    • Possessing, using, or distributing drugs or alcohol
    • 带任何武器到营地
    • 无视辅导员或工作人员的指示
    在极端情况下, 确保营地社区的安全, the Director of Summer Programs reserves the right to expel campers at their own discretion. In this situation, refunds will not be provided.
  • 家长/监护人政策

    Please respect our hard-working staff by ensuring timeliness at drop-off and pick-up. 营地的正常到达时间是早上8:15-9:00.m. 正常下课时间是下午12:00-12:15.m. 半日营及下午3:00-3:15.m. for full-day camp sessions (with the exception of 设计性能, 下午4点到4点15分下课.m.). 参加者于上午8:15前不接受入场.m.
    为了所有孩子的安全, parents and guardians are not permitted to visit campers during the camp day. If an emergency arises and you must contact your child(ren), please email us at or call us at 412-661-5992 so we can immediately assist you.
  • 健康和用药政策

    All campers will need to complete the 夏令营 Health Form, which can be filled out online within the Ellis 夏令营 注册表单This form asks basic health and safety questions and allows for accurate and up-to-date reporting on essential camper emergency and health information.

    Please note that we are prohibited by state law from allowing your camper to remain on campus without current medical and immunization information on file.

    A staff member certified in FA/CPR/AED will be present at all times. Beyond self-administered EpiPens and inhalers, staff may not dispense medications during camp. 如果在露营期间必须服用药物, arrangements must be made for an adult to come and dispense medication. 为了所有孩子的幸福, please do not use camp as a time to transition a camper off of medications.

    Keep children home from camp when they are ill and/or pick them up if they become sick at camp. 营员必须24小时不发烧 没有退烧药 before they can return to camp (below 100 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • 入职和离职政策

    Campers will not be admitted earlier than 8:15 a.m. Parents/guardians should walk their young child(ren) to the main gate but are not allowed on campus or inside any school buildings. Before-care is free and available for campers of all ages every day! 

    所有半天营于中午十二时结束.m. 所有的全天夏令营下午三点结束.m. 除非另有说明. Parents/guardians of younger children should come to the main entrance to pick up their child(ren). Families can pre-register and pay for after-care during online camp 登记 他们需要长期护理吗. After-care for campers ages 3–9 runs daily from 3:15 to 5:45 p.m. 

    If you anticipate a late arrival to camp or require an early dismissal, please email 通知营员.


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