为了维持我们的愿景,并推动澳门新葡新京官方沿着不断创新和卓越的道路前进, 我们的战略重点分为五类.



最引人注目的, 和独特的, aspect of the Ellis experience is the spectacular attributes girls develop because of their experiences at the School. 澳门新葡新京官方学院的学生具备卓越的品质,不仅为他们进入大学做好了准备, 但这让她们成为了真正杰出的年轻女性. 这些自然会形成四大支柱, as reflected in our mission and vision statements: being committed and ready to make a positive mark on the world; having great confidence and a strong voice; being caring, 开放, and authentic; and having deep intellectual vibrancy and power.

Creating a learning environment that builds these qualities in our students requires that we keep those four pillars at the center as we plan programming. 它还要求我们招聘和支持优秀的教师, 作为一个教学团体继续学习和成长, 不断完善我们的课程. 

We know our students will enter a world in which they will encounter both opportunities and challenges that none of us can yet imagine, and they will need to work collaboratively with all sorts of people in order to succeed in seizing those opportunities and developing creative solutions to those challenges. 我们就能给他们更多的经验去解决尚未解决的问题, 在不同的团队中工作, 有信心承担适当的风险, 为自己和他人辩护, 更好的.

我们就越了解女孩发展的各个方面, 我们就越能成功地支持他们健康成长, 独立的, 强壮的年轻女性准备好踏入这个瞬息万变的世界.


  • 将学校的规划重点放在围绕我们的四大支柱优先考虑女孩的成长上
  • 吸引、保留和发展优秀的教师
  • 在每个系内建立一个考虑范围和顺序的定期课程审查制度, 内容广度和深度的平衡, 文化能力的发展, 以及与发育相适应的严格程度
  • 加强跨学科, 所有三个部门的协作解决问题的经验
  • 加强程序设计和经验,培养学生的信心, 以及他们为自己和他人说话的能力
  • 丰富学生接触引人注目的女性变革者的机会
  • Continue to grow our expertise around child and adolescent development in order to further enhance our strength in supporting all aspects of a girl’s growth



We know our students benefit from being in the company of a wide variety of classmates who share their love of learning, 体贴善良, 他们渴望学习和生活所提供的冒险. 澳门新葡新京官方有吸引这类学生的悠久传统. 我们对学生群体的多样性感到特别自豪. 我们喜欢说,在澳门新葡新京官方没有唯一的出路, 我们都从与与自己相似或不同的人交往中受益. 我们的学生来自匹兹堡大都会地区, 并带来了丰富多样的人才, 利益, 生活经验, 和个性. 我们渴望更多的家庭和女孩了解澳门新葡新京官方, 探索我们的学校和项目, 成为这个充满活力和热情的学习社区的一员.


Optimize the School’s marketing and recruitment efforts to attract and retain students who will thrive at Ellis and be positive contributors to our school community by:

  • 继续探索活动,提高社区对澳门新葡新京官方的认识和兴奋
  • Continuing to expand summer camp offerings that enrich current student experiences and draw prospective students
  • 加强学校内部关于整个澳门新葡新京官方经历的交流 
  • 审查扩大幼儿规划的机会



当我们反思澳门官方老葡京的校园氛围时, 我们专注于我们的核心信念,围绕什么是最好的学生和家庭. One of those deeply held tenets is that children and adolescents learn and grow best when they feel welcome and known, 并且可以完全做自己.

其次, we know that students thrive when the adults connected to their learning—at school and at home—work in partnership to support and challenge them, 当家庭和老师之间有开放的沟通. 家庭最有信心参与这种伙伴关系,当他们, 太, 在学校感到受欢迎和熟悉, and when they have a rich understanding of the stages of development of their daughters and the underlying reasons behind the School’s curriculum and pedagogy. 

Another core principle at 澳门官方老葡京 is the value of being a diverse and inclusive school community. Not only do we know our students benefit from learning in community with others who bring different perspectives and experiences, but—as a school founded in order to enhance the ability of women to access opportunities commensurate with men at a time when that was a rarity—we carry a fierce and long-held commitment to the importance of equity and justice in making the world a better place for all.

We are deeply proud of our recent successes in creating school and community-oriented initiatives around equity and justice, 我们努力成为这项工作中更有说服力的领导者.


  • 创造一个让所有学生都感到受欢迎、被了解、被倾听、安全和公平对待的环境 
    • Engage in continuous enhancements to orientation programming for new students and students moving between divisions
    • 优先考虑每个年级和分部的社区建设
    • 继续加强亲和团体规划
  • Create an environment in which all parents feel comfortable engaging with the School and home-school relationships are healthy and strong
    • Engage in continuous enhancements to home-school communications to strengthen partnerships with families
    • Continue to enrich the programming offered to parents by the School and by the Ellis Parent Association
    • Develop pre-kindergarten to grade 12 parent education offerings that support parents as partners in their daughters’ education and growth in all developmental areas
  • 建立学院在公平正义方面的领导地位
    • Build a curricular arc for students’ cultural competency learning—learning that grows students’ ability to understand, 沟通, 并有效地与不同文化背景的人互动 
    • Strive to recruit and retain faculty and staff that reflect the identities and 生活经验 of all students
    • 授权所有教师适应文化响应课堂实践和课程
    • 继续为家长建立与公平、包容和文化能力相关的项目
    • 成立董事会多元化委员会
  • 在学院与校友和朋友之间建立更紧密的联系
    • 继续探索校友和前家长项目,无论是在校园还是在主要城市 
    • Expand the alumnae database to facilitate connections between alumnae and strengthen school-alumnae relationships



我们有幸拥有一个美丽、温馨、历史悠久的校园, while still evolving to support our ever-growing understanding of the best ways to foster student learning and community connection.

我们特别兴奋的是,最近更新了我们最频繁使用和珍惜的空间, 包括图书馆和礼堂, 这两者都在我们的学生和家庭的经历中发挥着核心作用.  

我们未来与校园设施相关的优先事项是明确的. We are committed to putting our resources towards maintaining and creating physical spaces that optimize student growth and further our goal of being a welcoming and inclusive school community. 美丽的建筑和场地是美妙的, 但这就是在这些空间里发生的事情, 以及这些空间如何帮助建立社区, 这是最重要的.


  • 评估校园设施需求, 优先考虑能提高学生学习和学校氛围的项目
  • 制定维护计划,支持对现有设施的持续维护
  • 只要有可能,选择环境可持续的建筑



Any school would be remiss not to include a focus on the financial future of the school in a strategic plan. We are deeply grateful for all the ways in which our extended Ellis community has supported the School, 我们非常认真地对待我们作为这种支持的管理者的角色. We are committed to developing clear and sustainable plans for the funding and operations of the School that will support our dynamic vision for the program and school community, 同时保证在可预见的未来有一个健康的财务状况.

我们的优先事项反映了我们在三个关键领域的承诺. 第一个, 我们认为,继续吸引和留住优秀教师是至关重要的, as we know that it is the faculty who are at the core of the experience for our students—what happens in classrooms at Ellis every day, 以及师生关系, 是什么让澳门新葡新京官方成为100多年来最杰出的学校. 第二个, we are committed to developing tuition models that make it possible for a diverse and compelling range of families to be able to send their daughters to Ellis. 最后, we believe that building a strong culture of philanthropy among all our constituents is instrumental in strengthening the sense of connection and community among those who care about, 和爱, 改变人生的学校.


  • 建立一个五年财务模型,指导学院财务的可持续健康发展
  • 支持能够吸引和留住优秀教职员工的薪酬
  • 支持当前和未来家庭以及学校可持续发展的学费模式
  • 增加非学费收入来源
  • 建立一个支持学校短期和长期目标的发展计划, 强调的:
    • 建立一个全面的钜额捐献计划来支持学校所有的募款努力
    • 启动一个正式计划的捐赠项目
    • 专注于有针对性的资本项目,提高学生的经验
    • 继续在学校社区的所有组成部分中建立强有力的捐助者参与